Latina, Lazio. Shadows


After having printed some photographs of mine, I notice that there is always a sort of anxiety, of agitation, as if my subjects were pushed to do something but remain blocked in their thoughts. A transposition on the frame of what is my person.

Orvieto, Lazio. Man fixed inside the bus.

A psychological status that I have lived for years, feeling stuck and not proceeding. Taking pictures leads me to have to move around, the shot does not arrive standing still or waiting for him, you must act to achieve what you want. Well, sometimes I suffer from paralysis by analysis … but I try to improve.


Feeling stressed, trapped in the limbo of doing or not doing. What bothers me a lot, I hear the phases of life flowing at a huge speed. I capture what I feel. the flow of images and words rush without meaning. Look for a common thread. I’ll do it later.

Nettuno, American’s cemetery. Kid run.

Run away, find yourself running without knowing why, turn around and see only a white universe, not even a sign of what you want. Run until exhaustion.

Rome, metro B. Rush hour.

For this I need to photograph, stop and think about what I am and what I want, what are the important things for me. I also try to improve the way I relate to others.



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