Fragment 01

_R670691 copia
Ricoh GR


In the tranquility of home, family gestures and objects that you live every day. An instrument like the camera allows you to cut out fragments of life that often go unnoticed, die instantly, of course, you can not capture the exact moment but you can go very close to the real memory or capture the soul of things. A personal journey that maybe only you can understand but sometimes want to make public, not knowing why.

Ricoh GR

The important thing is to SEE; take, don’t leave, change your vision to make it formally suitable for your needs. You must sculpt your memory deeply. Love what you create.

_R671771 copia
Ricoh GR

It seems odd but the relationship that i form with my photography, the personal one, is almost morbid. I can not get away from the thought of having a stop to capturing moments, Fragments. I feel like pulling the trigger, like a hunter, not that it bothers me but sometimes it would be better to let the prey escape so that it can proliferate and give more … yes, this example is really disgusting. I laugh!

_R000209 copia
Ricoh GR



2 thoughts on “Fragment 01

  1. I completely relate to your thinking. Fabulous post and strong imagery. Superb. 🙏


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